Week 1
I was 6 weeks old and really little.
By the end of the week I had settled in, and got Mutty to play with me.
Week 2
I was 7 weeks old and starting to grow.
I had a bath at the beginning of the week, and my first walkies at the end.
Week 3
I was 8 weeks old and my paws were doubling in size daily.
I learned to jump on the couches and had a good time in my "pool".
Week 4
I was 9 weeks old and my ears were catching up to my paws.
I played and I slept and I played, and my parents went to see my mother's cousin's puppies.
Week 5
I was 10 weeks old and everytime I woke up I was a little taller.
I got microchipped, bathed with my mummy and made my dad go nuts and fix all the wiring in the house (and a chair).
Week 6
I was 11 weeks old and I just kept on growing.
I wake up every morning, jump on the bed and give Daddy kisses (or nibbles). Then I torture Mutty. Daddy put up paintings and Mommy rearranged the rooms.

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